<hello/> I'm Rob!

Software Engineering Leader . Autodidact . Team Builder

The Internet of Things

Rob Howard is the Director of Technology for Thomson Reuters. Based in Dallas, Texas he leads the Digital Marketing Platform team working with multiple organizations, teams, and individuals within the Digital and Shared Services Technology department. He is extremely passionate about building quality-focused products and the high-performing teams that excel at building high-impact front-end user experiences for Thomson Reuters customers.

Rob is a 2015 Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business graduate of the University of Dallas where he acquired an MBA in Information Technology Management. Prior to this achievement, Rob completed his undergrad studies in interdisciplinary studies touching upon his vast array of interests in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Business Administration, and Public policy at the University of North Texas.

Previously, Rob was a technical director at Trinary Media Group, the parent company of PartyChaser and DallasPeeps, where he put to use his technical and influential chops to mastermind and build a high performing small business that specialized in building exceptional user experiences, exceeding customers needs, building relationships within the community while providing services and hosting events for some of the most influential sports and entertainment individuals in the entertainment industry.

Rob was also featured on the front cover of the Dallas/Fort Worth Quick (see this link), a subsidy of the Dallas Morning News with a total readership of over 1 million residents in 2006, for being one of the first tech start-ups to launch and scale a massive social network for young people to stay connected regardless of how far away they were from the city of Dallas called DallasPeeps. The online community established Dallas as a major social networking contributor spanning Web 2.0 - 3.0. DallasPeeps was featured in multiple publications including music tracks, television appearances, and hosted in real-life events that scaled to over 1,000 attendees weekly at each function.

Prior to Rob's entrepreneurial endeavors, he always had a knack for solving problems. Computers have always been a major part of his life, beginning at age 8 when his mother, a Mathematics Instructor,  introduced him to the joys of mathematics mixed with computers. Since then Rob has shared his love and admiration for computers by demystifying the complexities of the tool (which boils down to 1's and 0's) to his closest friends, family, and the next generation to pursue personal growth. He recently established "The Growth Mindset", a group devoted to expanding technical knowledge for those in underrepresented communities.

Rob also serves and participates on several non-profit boards including the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation, Black Tutors, Blacks in Technology, as well his ongoing membership in Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated, Mosier Valley Prince Hall Lodge, and dev/color.